It's Time To Take A Trip.


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It’s time to take a trip. Let’s start with one of my favorite day rides. Whatever your starting place you need to end up on Rt. 250 west across Afton Mountain and thru Waynesboro and Staunton. In Waynesboro you need to take 340 west to Staunton and pick up 250w again. Here the fun and scenery begin. As you progress on 250 at about 15 miles out of Staunton there is an overlook on the right side that you don’t want to miss. From there keep west to Monterey. There is a store and gas there so it’s a welcome stop. After the break, head south on Rt. 220 South towards Warm Springs. This 35 mile section of road travels thru the valley with great mountain views on either side along with some well-kept, scenic farms. (There are restaurants in Warm Spring for lunch, I suggest Cucci’s) Once you get to Warm Springs you’ll turn left on to Rt. 39 towards Goshen. This road is one of the most scenic in Virginia.
At the top of the 1st climb is the most beautiful overlook in Virginia. Spend some time and take pictures. It’s a great memory, with the ability to see almost 80 miles. Leaving there and coming down the mountain towards Goshen, be really careful because it is one of Va. State Police’s favorite places to set up radar. Watch for sudden speed signs as they will hide almost anywhere. There are a couple of places of interest along this stretch so be on the lookout for awesome photo opportunities. The river runs beside the road for many miles. There are lots of picnic areas and fishing spots. 39 ends up at Lexington and runs in to Rt. 11, so take that north for 15 miles and turn right on Rt. 56 which takes you to the Blue Ridge Parkway. (my favorite road) 56 is extremely curvey so keep your wits about you. Here you can decide to take the Parkway north to Afton or continue on 56 thru Crabtree Falls to Wintergreen and 6 to Rt. 29 and on home. Keep in mind this is an all day ride. Take your time and enjoy the views. Stay hydrated and take lots of pictures.
Next time we’ll go down the Parkway. See ya then. AC

Being Prepared on Street Motorcycle Trips.


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Ok, you’ve got the bike you dreamed of. You’ve got some time. Let’s go on a trip. But, just like the boy scouts, be prepared. There are several items you might want to pack before taking off. The very first thing you must always pack is a rain suit. I’ve gone on trips where you have only been riding a short time when we hit rain. There’s nothing worse than riding wet and cold for days on end. Get a good motorcycle specific rainsuit, not a hardware store yellow plastic one either. Jarman's Sportcycles can help you with the right choice.

Next is pack light and efficient. Roll up clothes, put socks and underwear in your extra shoes. Use travel size toiletries, don’t forget your tooth brush. You can get by without shaving but not days without brushing the pearlie whites. I also like to pack a tool kit, mini compressor, and a tire repair kit. I’ve used mine several times in the last few years and waiting for a tow truck is not fun when you could be riding.

Plan a trip and route that is attainable. 200 to 400 miles a day is comfortable. Any more can make the trip tiresome. Good hotels, restaurants, and campgrounds are plentiful, so plan well. Most important is stay hydrated. Not drinking enough can make you tired before you should be. Stopping to pee can be a problem but the rest stops can be helpful in extending your day. Carry a bottle of water or Gatorade and some sort of snack, like nabs or a banana or Snickers bar.

Traveling with a group can be fun if everyone is on the same page. Riding speed and ability can challenge a group to stay together. Don’t lag back or go too fast for your fellow riders. Stagger formation and practice hand signals ahead of time.

Ok. Let’s plan our trip!

Thanks for reading & please leave comments. AC Bruce MX Lengend. Jarman's Sportcycles ships parts & accessories daily at competitive prices. Shop Local! Thank You Central Virginia for your support since 1959!

More New 2016 Yamaha Models Introduced Tuesday Oct.6 2015


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Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., today debuted its lineup of 2016 models, including off-road models, Adventure Touring and Supersport Touring models, and Star cruiser models.

All four off-road models feature easy, push-button electric starting and precise fuel injection—handy features to have for hare scrambles, GNCC, and enduro competition where quick decisions can mean the difference between winning and coming up short.

The YZ450FX shares the YZ450F's revolutionary, rearward-slanted-cylinder design, with a reversed cylinder head and forward-positioned, straight intake. The YZ450FX delivers a controllable, torquey power character with strong, top-end power tuned specifically for cross-country racing. In addition, the bike features cross-country-specific suspension tuning, a wide-ratio five-speed transmission, enduro-specific multiplate clutch, and an electric starter and main-switch-free electrical system to help reduce rider fatigue and provide easier race-start launches.

The 2016 YZ450FX comes in Team Yamaha Blue/White, will retail for $8,890, and be available in Yamaha dealerships beginning in November.

Introduced one year ago, with immediate sales and racing success, the light, nimble, and powerful YZ250FX is back for 2016 in Team Yamaha Blue/White, with a suggested retail price of $7,890. The 2016 YZ250FX will arrive in dealerships beginning in October.


For enduro racers and aggressive trail riders, the WR450F is all-new for 2016. Equipped with the YZ450F's revolutionary, rearward-slanted-cylinder design, with a reversed cylinder head and forward-positioned, straight intake. The WR450F has an enduro-specific exhaust silencer, an electric starter and main-switch-free electrical system, and an ECU tuned specifically for enduro riding. In addition, a wide-ratio five-speed transmission and enduro-specific multiplate clutch are ideal for the rigors of tight woods riding and racing.

The 2016 WR450F will be available in Team Yamaha Blue/White at a suggested retail price of $8,990, and will be available in Yamaha dealerships beginning in November.


With MX champion YZ250F components in a light, agile enduro package for tight woods riding and racing, the WR250F returns for 2016 in Team Yamaha Blue/White and will retail for $7,990. Yamaha dealers will begin receiving the 2016 WR250F in October.

An eminently powerful and eternally cool performance V-four cruiser that still remains in a class of its own, the 2016 VMAX continues to lead the pack. For 2016, the VMAX returns in Galaxy Blue with a suggested retail price of $17,990. It will be available in dealerships beginning in November.

A custom-style chopper with performance-focused engineering, the brawny, 113-cubic-inch Raider returns for 2016 in Candy Red with a suggested retail price of $14,990. Dealerships will receive the Raider beginning in December.

The mid-size Stryker and Stryker Bullet Cowl return for 2016 with brand-new color schemes. The Stryker will be available in Galaxy Blue with an MSRP of $11,690, and the Stryker Bullet Cowl will be available in Matte Gray with an MSRP of $12,090. Both motorcycles will arrive in dealerships beginning in November.

The Bolt C-Spec, a cool, café-style version of the popular urban-bobber-style Bolt, returns for 2016 sporting a new Desert Bronze color scheme. It will be available in dealerships beginning in January at a suggested retail price of $8,690.


Star Motorcycles' V Star line offers a variety of models for cruiser riders with varying needs, from entry-level beginnings, to customization, to long-haul touring.

At the top of the V Star lineup is the V Star 1300 Deluxe, a fully-loaded V-twin bagger with a fairing, integrated dash, modern audio system with GPS, and locking hard bags. For 2016, the V Star 1300 Deluxe is offered in Charcoal Silver with an MSRP of $14,090. It will be available in dealerships beginning in January.

The V Star 1300 Tourer, with its powerful V-twin engine, sporty handling, low seat, hard bags, backrest, and windshield, returns for 2016 in Raspberry Metallic. New this year is the addition of an easily removable windshield and backrest designed to let the rider quickly change the look and feel of this classic Star cruiser. The V Star 1300 Tourer returns with a suggested retail price of $12,390. It will also be available in dealerships beginning in January.

For serious middleweight performance and style in a confidence-inspiring ride, you can't beat the V Star 950 Tourer. The V Star 950 Tourer also benefits from the addition of an easily removable windshield and backrest. Available in Raven for 2016 with a suggested retail price of $9,790, the V Star 950 Tourer will be available in dealerships beginning in November.

The venerable, shaft-drive V Star Custom, with its old-school hot-rod styling, lightweight 40-cubic-inch V-twin engine, and easy handling, returns for 2016 in Electric White with an MSRP of $6,990. It will arrive in dealerships in October.

Completing the V Star lineup for 2016 is the V Star 250, a compact custom cruiser with a 27-inch seat height and a V-twin engine that offers plenty of torque, smooth power delivery, and incredible fuel economy. Offered in Electric White for 2016, the V Star 250 has a suggested retail price of $4,390 and will be available in dealerships beginning in October.

Personalization has always been a key attribute with every Star cruiser, and the mantra "we build it, you make it your own" proves true, as the wide range of custom Star accessories easily lets the rider make his or her ride their very own.

Super Ténéré ESSuper Ténéré ES

At the top of the Yamaha Adventure Touring model lineup is the do-everything Super Ténéré ES, with its compact and powerful 1199cc, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder, four-stroke engine, and electronically adjustable suspension. With four preload settings, three damping adjustments, and an additional seven adjustments that fine-tune the damping even more, the Super Ténéré ES suspension can be dialed in perfectly to meet the needs of the rider, passenger, and the amount of cargo and terrain.

The Super Ténéré returns for 2016 in two new colors: Raven and special-edition Sixtieth Anniversary Yellow/Black. The Raven model will retail for $15,090, and the Sixtieth Anniversary model will retail for $15,590. Both colors will be available in dealerships beginning in November.

Yamaha's Supersport Touring 2016 FJ-09 continues to be a motorcycle that offers the most performance, versatility, and value you can find in one motorcycle. With its 847cc, liquid-cooled, in-line 3-cylinder, "Crossplane Crankshaft Concept" engine, the FJ-09 delivers an exciting, torquey, and quick-revving engine character, along with an upright riding position for a stress-free, comfortable riding experience. Whether riding solo, with a passenger, and with or without the accessory slim-design hard bags mounted and filled with your belongings, the FJ-09 is ready for your next adventure.

The 2016 FJ-09 will be available in two color options: Raven and Matte Silver. With a suggested retail of $10,490, it will be available in dealerships beginning in October.

For more information on all the 2016 models from Yamaha—including features, specifications, photos, and videos—please visit Also, check out "YamahaMotorUSA" on your favorite social media sites

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